2015 Remedy - Member benefit illustrations

The attached member benefit illustrations follow the "Your questions answered" fact checker produced in February 2022 which aims to answer some recurring questions that members have about the 2015 Remedy.

The first document provides a range of benefit illustrations based on different scheme memberships, scenarios and salary profiles. The range of benefit illustrations should help explain the impact of the 2015 Remedy on members’ benefits. This communication does not constitute advice for members but is intended to provide information on how benefits are calculated under the 2015 Remedy.

The second document contains a detailed breakdown of the background calculations which may be useful for members who want to understand more about how benefits are worked out in the Firefighters' Pension Schemes.

If you are employed by a Fire and Rescue Authority in Wales, slightly different rules apply to the rate your pension builds up and any early retirement factors that may apply. Dedicated benefit illustrations and background calculations for Wales are also attached below.


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