Transferring pension from other schemes

When you join the FPS 2015 you will be asked if you were previously a member of another pension scheme and if you would like your FRA to explore the possibility of a transfer of pension rights to the FPS 2015.

The FPS 2015 can accept a transfer from:

  • another occupational pension scheme registered with HM Revenue and Customs,
  • a qualifying recognised overseas pension scheme,
  • or a personal pension scheme.

An application for a transfer must be made in writing. Depending on the type of pension scheme you were a member of, certain restrictions and time limits may apply – the FRA will advise you of these, and of any other information needed from you or your previous scheme about the potential transfer payment.

The FRA's pension administrator would provide you with an estimate of the benefits that the transfer would buy in the FPS 2015. You should compare this with any pension options offered by your previous scheme and decide within the time limits whether you wish to go ahead with the transfer.

If you are transferring from an FRA in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, your pension rights would be transferred as outlined above.

If you are leaving your employment with one FRA in England to join another, you should inform your new employer of the pension rights held by your former authority, even if there has been a break between employments.

As long as any break has not been more than five years your former FRA will give you a certificate showing the entries in your FPS 2015 pension account(s) held by them and your new authority will transfer the details to a pension account(s) for your new employment.

Special rules apply if you have had a break in service longer than five years and you want to transfer any added pension you have bought (see can I increase my pension?), or if you have built up separate pensions in more than one job. Your FRA will give you more detailed information if these circumstances apply.

If you think that the certificate provided is incorrect you should speak to your former employer. If this does not resolve the problem, you would have a right of appeal under Internal Dispute Resolution Procedures (IDRP). Details can be found on the help with pension problems page.

If you think you have pension rights held with another pension provider, but have lost contact with the administrators, the Department for Work and Pensions offer a free Pension Tracing Service. See finding a lost pension for more information.


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