Lump sum death grant

If you die in service as a member of the FPS 1992, a death grant of two times your pensionable pay would normally be payable. If you were absent from duty without pay at the date of death, two times your pensionable pay before the absence began is payable. For part time members, the part time rate is payable.

Your FRA would pay a death grant to your legal husband, wife, or civil partner provided you were not living apart at the time of death.

Note that if you were unmarried, not in a civil partnership, or were living apart, the death grant would be paid to your personal representatives.

Tax rules prevent the payment of a death grant for someone who has reached the age of 75 but it is unlikely that a firefighter would still be serving at that age. There is no death grant payable if you had already left the service, or opted out of the FPS 1992, at the date of death.


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