Allocation is an old rule carried over from earlier versions of the pension scheme when survivor benefits were more limited. It gives you the option to give up some of your own pension in exchange for extra survivor benefits.

The time window to allocate benefits in quite narrow. You must make an election no later than the day before benefits become payable and no earlier than 2 months before. It is subject to medical evidence of good health and an expectation of a normal life expectancy.

Up to one third of your annual pension can be given up and the amount provided as a pension on allocation depends upon the age and gender of the firefighter and of the nominated survivor.

The allocated pension would be paid from the date of death. However, if the member's pension was first paid after 13 September 2004 and the nominated survivor dies before the member, the portion of pension allocated is restored to the member from the date the survivor died.

Your FRA or their pension administrator can give you a personalised quote before your pension becomes due if you are interested in this option.


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